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Pharmtechnology Limited Liability Company was founded in 1991.

Nowadays it is the largest private pharmaceutical plant in Belarus with full manufacturing cycle.

The product portfolio includes more than 150 names of medicines of various therapeutic groups.

At present Pharmtechnology LLC has all technologies for production of liquid dosage forms (such as nasal drops and sprays, syrups, suspensions, solutions, emulsions, tinctures, sprays for external use), soft dosage forms (ointments, gels, creams, shampoos and liniments) and solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules, powders for solutions and suspensions).

Annual growth of production volumes is about 20%.

Each year the product portfolio is enlarged by 5-10 new products due to development and implementation of production of new medicinal agents.

Renewal and development of the product portfolio is the strategic priority at the plant. Great role here belongs to the Research and Development Department, which is occupied with development and introduction of new high-technology medicinal agents and optimization of chemical and technological processes.

The plant is equipped with modern technological and laboratory equipment from world leading manufacturers.

The quality assurance policy in the company is implemented by means of the quality control system. Today the quality control system employs over 90 people.

After being awarded with the national GMP certificate, Pharmtechnology LLC has become the first manufacturer of medicines in the history of the Republic of Belarus to gain international recognition of PIC/S; moreover, it happened during the very first inspection! Nowadays PIC/S GMP Guidance is the main international document, which settles GMP standards. Due to globalization of problems in the sphere of healthcare and increase of the number of subjects at the pharmaceutical market (both in the industry, and among regulatory authorities) this certificate is necessary in order to ensure quality and safety of medicinal agents at the global level.

Following the policy of focusing efforts on the research of modern medicinal products with unique properties in the most important spheres in medicine, constantly investing capital into the quality management system and production technology improvement, Pharmtechnology LLC aims at the high-priority strategic target: to supply the consumers with high-quality and effective medicinal products at reasonable prices.