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The price policy of Pharmtechnology LLC, its strategic and operative planning is focused on meeting the needs of the population cheap and high quality medicines. Socially oriented prices for medicines of our enterprise allow us to assure a stable level of demand for the medicines produced by Pharmtechnology LLC both in the regional centers and in the outlying districts.

All pricing decisions of the enterprise are economically feasible and well-founded by the level of costs on production, research and development of medicines, and reflect the value of the product for consumer. Setting the quality of medicines as a major factor in formation of their value for the patient, Pharmtechnology LLC tries to reduce their cost as much as possible, making it accessible to all social groups.

To solve this problem, Pharmtechnology LLC developed and implemented a strategy of price policy aimed to improve the efficiency and optimize the work with wholesale and retail customers of the enterprise. We try to take into account the needs and requirements of every subject of the distribution network, selecting for each client a customized system of discounts and deferred payment. A high level of consumer’s demand allows our customers to increase sales in physical terms, as well as to ensure stable financial results of their business.

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